The Tolsona Community Corporation has filed a lawsuit against board members they say stole nearly $80,000.

The lawsuit was filed at the Glennallen Courthouse at the end of December.

It alleges a group of four people hijacked a September meeting and illegally elected themselves to the board without a quorum present.

The lawsuit names Bruce Heaton, Michelle Heaton, Ronald Jordan and Lewis Price.

Darryl Jones, the attorney for the Tolsona Community Corporation, said one and/or several of the members then drained the corporation’s bank account of $79,193.31 through a cashier’s check at Wells Fargo.

Without funds, the corporation had to reduce services like plowing Tolsona Road.

“The sanitary dump has now gotten reduced hours, just down to a few hours a week. Basically they can no longer survive financially, and they’re doing so with limited funds they get from donations from the community,” Jones said.

In an email, the board said only the Tolsona Fire Station driveway would be plowed to allow access for equipment.

TCC will also continue to heat the fire station and pay for the cost of electric and telephone utilities.

Jones said, so far, it appears no one has cashed the check. He said part of the lawsuit could go away if the money was returned.

“We’re hoping that they're going to do the right thing and return the funds in a timely fashion. Nobody wants to expend funds for this type of a lawsuit,” Jones said.

Jones said the defendants have 20 days to respond once they’ve been served with the lawsuit.


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