Did you feel that? That nice "warm" weather that Anchorage saw for the weekend and the first part of Monday. Hopefully you enjoyed it, because it's departing overnight, with colder air set to land into the region. 

Even with the brief warm-up that Southcentral saw, all of January has remained anywhere from 10 to 25 degrees below normal, with the exception of New Year's Day. The average temperature through the first 12 days of January is 0 degrees making this the fourth coldest start to a year on record. 

Now Anchorage is set to return to subzero lows over the coming days, as colder air spills into the state. A ridge of high pressure over the Aleutians will continue to build northward allowing for colder air across Russia to be displaced into the 49th State. While it won't be anywhere near as cold as what we just went through, we will see the return of subzero lows across the region. Until the ridge has a full influence on Southcentral, expect slowly departing clouds and a chance for freezing fog. 

This trend of cold weather will likely end our streak of 22 consecutive months of above average temperatures, which is a well-deserved break. With a ridge of high pressure building to our southwest this will keep our weather pattern quiet over the coming days. So expect plenty of sunshine and bitterly cold temperatures to stick around for now. 

Have a great Tuesday!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison