The head of the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Golf Tournament in South Carolina really wants an Alaskan to play in the golf tournament this year.

So badly, the organization is offering to pay up to $1,000 in round-trip airfare, a six-night hotel stay and the Alaska golfer's $655 entry fee.

Tournament director Scott Tomasello says more than 3,000 people play in the annual tournament, which runs from Aug. 31 to Sept. 4, 2020. Golfers play simultaneously on 60 Myrtle Beach courses.

This will be the 37th year of the tournament. Tomasello says the event draws players from as far away as South Africa and Tokyo. While the Lower 48 is represented, the tournament hasn't seen a golfer from Alaska in the last five years or so.

"Somewhat disheartening that we can't get someone from Alaska. We have in years past but we want to make it a consistency," said Tomasello.

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One player who lives in Alaska will be chosen to play as part of the Last Frontier Sweepstakes. People will be asked a few questions and to explain why they should be chosen.

"We're really just looking for a cool story. As long as you live in Alaska and are somewhat of an avid golfer, we'd love to hear from you. So we just want to know why you deserve to win an expense-paid trip," said Tomasello.

Players of all skill levels are welcome in the tournament. If golfers who live in Alaska want to be part of the competitive side of the tournament, they must have a U.S. Golf Association handicap. Officials will help golfers attain a handicap if they don't currently have one.

Otherwise golfers can simply play for fun and do not need a handicap. 

Entrants must be full-time Alaska residents to win the prize. The deadline for Alaskans to enter the contest is Feb. 23.

Dave Goldman contributed to this report.

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