Marie Lavigne has created many special memories since she moved into her Lunar Drive home a year ago. She wants more, especially warm ones.

"I can wear an extra jacket, three blankets, do what I can," Lavigne said. "When I can't heat my upstairs beyond 60 degrees with a full furnace blowing, this tells me it's about the windows."

Lavigne estimates it will cost at least $50,000 to replace her windows and glass doors.

"I can't do that right now, given other concerns," she said. "But I plan to do it regardless because safety, aesthetic and warmth is the first priority."

Help is on the way courtesy of Renewal by Andersen. When Lavigne put in her order, she also bet on the weather.

"You opt-in for the promotion, if it snows the selected amount of time on Christmas Eve, you get your windows for free," said Renewal by Andersen Spokesperson Ashley Wiglesworth. "She was one of those who rolled the dice and opted to go for it."

The giveaway required at least three inches of snow to fall at Service High School. Renewal by Andersen says it measured more than eight inches.

It’s the first time in five years Renewal by Andersen has seen a winner, and Lavigne isn’t alone. Three other families around Anchorage and one in Houston will also get windows and some warmth for free.

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