Bean's Cafe says their building sustained significant damage after a truck crashed into it Saturday.

Bean's Cafe asked for the public's help to find the driver, towing company and people shown in surveillance footage. The organization said Sunday afternoon that they located the truck. They also confirmed they made contact with a woman who said her son was the driver seen in the footage.

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The building houses The Children's Lunchbox and is located at 1020 East Fourth Avenue. According to Bean's Cafe, the driver contacted other people for help and the towing company removed the truck.

"Because it's a weekend at the admin building, there's no food production happening. So we're really grateful we didn't have any staff or volunteers there because where the truck hit the building is actually a very busy area, the front entrance," said Bean's Cafe deputy director Kim Kovol. "There's usually a lot of people hanging out there, so I'm really grateful that nobody was injured when it happened."

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Bean's Cafe says they contacted the Anchorage Police Department about the incident. Parts of the truck, Bean's Cafe said, were still stuck in the door frame.

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