The long cold snap has meant a week of indoor recess for students in the Valley.

“I feel like it’s too cold. I want to stay inside,” said six-year-old Autumn Garding, a first grader at Swanson Elementary School in Palmer.

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District’s cutoff for having recess outside is minus 10. The first week back from winter break, they’ve had to find ways to stay entertained inside.

“They have been very good at calming right back down after recess is over,” said first grade teacher Kim Perry. “So we go right into lunch. I tell them, ‘indoor recess and lunch are two different things’ and they understand that and they’re able to calm right back down.”

During recess her students were coloring, painting and playing with Legos and stuffed animals. Even after five days, Perry said her students are still happy to be inside.

“We have a lot of kids who still aren’t coming with the correct gear and so they’ll have no gloves or not have a hat or snow pants or boots," she said. "They definitely can’t go out in the freezing temperatures. They could get frost bite, it’s just not safe for them."

Perry reminds parents to make sure they send their kids with proper gear as the weather warms up and students will head back outside for recess.

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