It's an aloha Friday! That means warm sunny vibes all day, even if it's sub-zero temps and freezing fog when you step out the door. That mindset will go a long way since the forecast calls for cold temperatures through at least the first half of the weekend. 

Our persistent weather pattern of offshore wind ushering in cold temperatures continues Friday and Saturday. Basically, that means you can expect more of the same. Temperatures falling to single and double digits below zero around the anchorage bowl overnight, even colder in the Valley. Daytime highs will climb to near 0 degrees with patchy freezing fog, but grab the sunglasses— you will likely need them if you take to the road.

The cold pushing in from the north is strong enough to keep incoming storms at bay. It's been the case for more than a week now, and this weekend looks to be more of the same. A storm lifting into the Northern Pacific will track along the Aleutians before taking a turn to the south as it approaches Southcentral. 

That is our sliver of hope. The chance of warmer temperatures and even staying above 0 degrees for a full 24 hours. That's right, there is a chance that storm warms us up. And it's something we will be keeping a close eye on. As it moves in, it might just have enough strength to put a little moisture in the atmosphere. That moisture would come from the south where temperatures are a little warmer. 

At best we could see temps in the single digits all day Sunday and a little light snow. In our current weather pattern, every little bit counts. To break down a persistent pattern or block you need something significant otherwise it's little reprieves like the one moving in Sunday.  

A series of storms will try to take over Alaska in the coming week, but that cold looks to be just a little too strong. Our next real chance of breaking this pattern down arrives next week. Until then it's cold temperatures and hoping for a slight reprieve from incoming storms that are unable to single-handedly break down our cold pattern. 

It's a fire in the fireplace kind of weekend!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo