The coldest spot in the state Tuesday was Nikolai where the temperature dropped to -50 degrees. It wasn't much warmer in Mcgrath or Manley Hot Springs, at 49° or in Fairbanks at -39°. 

This stretch of cold weather has been going since mid-December for the Interior. The coldest temperature recorded this season in Alaska so far was -65° on both December 27th and 28th in Manley Hot Springs, but during the day it still managed to warm 20 a balmy -45° for their high temperature.  

In addition to the cold air, breezy winds are making for a dangerous windchill across the Slope, the Interior, and Western Alaska. A Wind Chill Warning is in effect for the Central Beaufort Sea Coast until noon Wednesday for wind chill values down to -65°. At this level, frostbite can happen in as little as 10 minutes on exposed skin. The Interior and western parts of the state will also see dangerous wind chill values of -4°5 to -55° through Wednesday.


This cold air mass is settled in place across the state with no significant change in the weather pattern to warm us up until this weekend. That means temperatures will stay between -20 and -50 across the Interior and Southcentral will continue to see temperatures between 0° and -30°, making this a true "Alaskan Winter".  

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