The cold that has gripped Southcentral to start of 2020 shows no signs of letting up in the coming days. The average temperature in Anchorage for the start of 2020 is a cold 4 degrees, with even colder temperatures in the coming days likely lowering that. 

As a rather large upper level low continues to sit atop the Alaska Range, the cold will continue to filter into the region. Morning lows across Southcentral fell well-below zero for most of Southcentral, with temperatures struggling to rebound through the day. Highs will likely only top out near 0 in the Anchorage Bowl with sub-zero highs sprinkled across the rest of Southcentral. It'll feel even colder though, as winds will have wind chill readings hovering anywhere form -20 to -10 degrees. You'll want to bundle up if you are outside for extended periods, as frostbite is a concern. 

If one were to look at the silver lining in the forecast, at least plenty of sunshine will be around. Coastal areas will see some passing clouds as a system pushes across the Gulf of Alaska. This will bring some light snow showers to eastern portions of Prince William Sound and parts of the Copper River Basin, elsewhere expect dry conditions to persist. 

Even colder mornings are headed our way, with Tuesday night into Wednesday bringing the coldest stretch. Lows will once again fall to -10 at the airport with East Anchorage likely hovering near -20 degrees. Expect even colder temperatures for portions of the valley, where lows will bottom out even further.

If you're looking for warmer weather it arrives by the end of the week, with highs back in the teens starting Saturday.