We rang in the new year with cold and snowy conditions and while the snow is gone, the cold will remain for the foreseeable future. 

With northerly winds remaining across Southcentral, not only will temperatures steadily get colder in the days to come, but wind chills will be a factor. We'll see winds out of the north through the day today upwards of 15 mph. This will make it feel more like 10-below into through the afternoon hours, despite actual air temperatures climbing into the single digits. 

Sunshine will also be plentiful in the coming days, meaning dry weather will greet all of us for any outdoor activities we have planned. 

Our coldest nights look to be upon us into the weekend, as many areas dropped well-below freezing. Our coldest morning looks to be Saturday night into Sunday, which would be the coldest Anchorage has dropped to since the first week of January in 2019.

While snow looks hard to come by through the next week, it'll be cold enough that our current snow depth won't be in jeopardy. By the middle of next week there are signs that an incoming storm could bring warmer conditions and additional snow. For now we'll see sunny conditions with highs struggling to climb out of the single digits.

Have a great Friday!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison