Addressing the care of victims of violence is the topic of a conference being held Jan. 8-9 at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

The Caring for Victims of Violence with a Multidisciplinary Approach Conference is being presented by the Alaska Nurses Association with the Academy of Forensic Nursing and the UAA College of Health.

The regional conference is open to the public and geared toward social services and health care providers as well as law enforcement.

Organizers say the conference will help agencies work together to support victims and collect forensic evidence.

Angelia Trujillo, who has a doctorate in nursing practice and is an associate professor at the UAA College of Health, says the conference will explore general responses to victims of physical, sexual, psychological and emotional acts of violence as well as financial abuse.

"When we are aware of how to recognize it, aware of how to provide people services, that's how we're going to work toward prevention," she said. "We can't stop something unless we can talk about it and right now people aren't talking about it because they don't recognize it or understand it, or they're afraid of it."

The conference agenda and speaker information is available at the UAA College of Health website.

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