2019 wrapped up as the warmest year on record for Anchorage with temperatures soaring once again New Year's Eve to record levels, but the transition to 2020 also came with a major change in the weather and another record, of a different kind, was broken.

Moments before the fireworks began in downtown Anchorage to celebrate the new year, temperatures began to fall, dropping 13 degrees between 6 and 7 p.m. when snow also started to fall. 

As the night continued, so did the snow and falling temperatures. By morning, temperatures dropped more than 30 degrees and 7-12 inches of snow fell across Anchorage, the most ever recorded on January 1st. 


Nearly two feet of snow was reported in Girdwood and Portage where DOT was forced to close the Seward Highway. 

The storm responsible for all of the snow and ushering in the colder air is now making its way to the east. This means snow showers will taper off across Southcentral but will increase for Southeast.

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We'll see mostly dry conditions for the rest of the week, but the cold air is here to stay. Temperatures will fall to the single digits Wednesday night with below zero temperatures likely later this week. Even well into next week, temperatures hold in the single digits. 

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