When traveling by plane, it can be a nice surprise to take your seat and find that no one is sitting next to you.

According to a recent study by CompareCards.com, the odds of that happening at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport are greater than most airports in the United States.

Anchorage's airport is ranked third in the nation for airports with the least crowded flights.

The study analyzed data compiled from 100 U.S. airports in 2018, with a focus on domestic flights.

Ted Stevens saw a capacity of 73.9%, as more than 2.6 million passengers booked seats when over 3.5 million were available.

According to senior research analyst Derek Miller, some could look at these numbers and decide that showing up early to the airport isn't necessary.

"This is at least an argument in Anchorage for the people who say you can get [to the airport] later," he said. "You know, one reason you may want to be at an airport earlier is you can get in line earlier and you can guarantee yourself some space [for bags] in the overhead compartment. So for people who prefer that pre-flight rush of the, 'Will I make my flight?,' this can perhaps give some more oomph to that argument statistically speaking."

The airport with the least crowded flights is in Dayton, Ohio, where the capacity is 72.6% for under one million total passengers.

The most crowded airport for flights? That honor goes to Denver, Colorado, where capacity was 86.4% for over 31.6 million passengers.

The full findings of the report and advice on how to prepare for an airport with full flights can be found on the company's website

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