Americans throw away a lot of trash during the holiday season — trash that can really add up at the local landfill. The good news is that some of that holiday waste can be recycled.

Here are five things you can recycle after the holidays this year:

1. Cardboard

Anchorage Recycling Coordinator Suzanna Caldwell said cardboard is easy to recycle.

Boxes should be broken down and deposited in curbside recycling containers or taken directly to the Anchorage Recycling Center.

2. Wrapping paper

When it comes to holiday wrappings, it’s a mixed bag. While almost all wrapping paper can be recycled, Caldwell said tissue paper cannot be.

Ribbon or bows of any kind are not recyclable, nor does she recommend recycling gift bags. Caldwell said reusing these items is a better way to go.

3. Holiday cards

Most holiday cards can also be recycled, according to Caldwell.

However, those that are printed on thin photo paper cannot be.

4. Light strings

Did you know that light strings can also be recycled?

The Anchorage Recycling Center will take holiday lights

Those that no longer shine can be taken to the Anchorage Recycling Center.

5. Christmas trees

You can recycle your Christmas tree at any Carrs store in Anchorage, Eagle River or Palmer.

The program — a joint effort between the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling and Carrs/Safeway — runs through Jan. 15.

Anchorage Carrs stores will recycle Christmas trees through January 15

The trees must be free of ornaments and lights and not be in a bag. They get chopped into wood chips to be used at schools, trails and community gardens.

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