Nearly a foot of snow fell across Southcentral from the recent snowstorm, with heavier amounts across the Anchorage Bowl out to Eagle River. This came as a deformation zone set up across the region and led to a sustained period of heavier snow. Once that tapered off flurries were still evident through the early evening, with colder air filtering in from the North. 

Cold air which has been bottled up near the in Southwest Alaska and the near the Alaska Range will spill south overnight. As the flood gates open, we'll see the coldest air of the season as we wake up Friday morning. Many areas will be hovering near zero for overnight lows, but breezy winds will make it feel more like 10 to 15 degrees below zero through the day Friday.

While temperatures will likely be sitting near 5-degrees tomorrow morning, it'll be even colder into the afternoon and evening. If you're a fan of the colder air it'll stick around for a few days ahead of our next storm system. 

We're already seeing winter weather advisories and winter storm watches being issued for parts of Southcentral ahead of our next storm. Current thinking is that Bluebird skies will be with us for the first part of Friday and then increasing clouds marks the advance of our next snow storm. The track of the low looks to remain a bit to the east, which will bring some heavy snow to Kodiak and the potential for blizzard conditions to northeastern portions of the PWS. Anchorage and the valley will still see measurable snowfall, but not as much as a more western track would bring us. For now it's possible that the Anchorage Bowl could see an additional 2-4" of snow Friday night into Saturday night.

If that's not enough snow for you, even more snow is expected from another storm that will arrive Sunday. 

Have a great Friday!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison