Holiday shopping doesn't end with Christmas. After the holiday, and well into January, shoppers can take advantage of fatter discounts on clothing, home decor and other items.

In fact, a National Retail Federation survey of nearly 8,000 adults found that 68% of holiday consumers will likely shop the week after Christmas. Nearly 50% plan to take advantage of post-holiday sales and promotions, and 27% plan to use gift cards. And more than half of shoppers say they will return or exchange any unwanted gifts or holiday items within the first month after receiving them.

But just as shoppers should scrutinize the bargains on Black Friday, they need to do the same for post-Christmas deals.

In addition to, Ramhold cited such sites as, an Amazon price tracker, and Honey, a browser extension that searches for coupons and cash-back offers and tracks prices on websites including, and She said shoppers need to figure out the price history of the item and whether it's lower than Black Friday's deal.

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