A midtown Anchorage restaurant is getting a new name and a new look — but the owners remain the same.

TGI Fridays owners said they will break from the national chain and re-open early next year under a new name: Bear Paw Bar & Grill.

Mike Pulcifer, the restaurant’s director of operations, says the eatery at the corner of Tudor Road and C Street will shut down Dec. 31 for an employee party.

He said he hopes to re-open March 1, 2020 under the new name. He also said he would host “an indoor yard sale,” on Jan. 4 for anyone interested in purchasing furniture, kitchenware and "whatever is not bolted down."

Pulcifer, whose company Out in the Boonies Inc. has owned the restaurant since 2003, said the new signs should begin appearing in mid-January.

“We’ve always had local owners, but nobody in Anchorage really viewed us as local owners because it was a national franchise,” he said. “You can post that all you want saying local owners. But again, when they see a corporation name they automatically just assume it’s somebody down in the Lower 48.”

Work began on the restaurant’s exterior a few months ago. The current signs will come down Jan. 2. Pulcifer said signs featuring the new name should appear by Jan. 20.

“We are not messing around,” he said. “As you noticed at the end of this summer, we started doing the remodeling on the outside. A majority of our signage is down already.”

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