By the time you woke up Monday morning, our temperatures were already on the rise. All of us got more warmth Monday morning than what we went to bed with Sunday night. That push of warmer temperatures comes thanks to a weak little storm— a weak little storm that will bring the chance of snow back to Anchorage this week.

Temperatures will hover near 20 degrees all day under mostly cloudy skies. But even better, those clouds come with the chance of snow. We likely won't see much. An inch at best through the first half of the day— but even that errs on the side of hope. Flurries to a dusting is much more likely.

As the support for that storm weakens and quickly moves east, our chances of snow will drop off later Monday. With another storm following in the wake of Monday's disturbance, temperatures will stay on the mild side.

Tuesday's storm looks to be more impressive than what we see on Monday. That means the chances of snow increase as well. Snow will develop in the morning and grow in intensity throughout the day. By the time it tapers off Tuesday evening we will likely have 1 to 3 inches of fresh snow on the ground! That's enough to officially call it a white Christmas!

Mild temperatures and snow stay in the forecast for Wednesday. Once again it's a few flurries at best, but a chance nonetheless.

Follow the brief spell of mild temperatures and snow, another blast of arctic air looks to take aim at Southcentral. Temperatures will slide back to near zero through the second half of the week.

Let's keep hoping for snow!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo