Many of us woke up Friday morning to the coldest lows we've seen in many months. The last time overnight lows dipped down into the single digits was March 1, when overnight lows fell to 8 degrees. We'll see another cold night across Southcentral, as many locations will dip well into the single digits to continue the trend of below-average temperatures. 

Temperatures will plunge to 3 degrees near the airport, with locations in East Anchorage and closer to the mountains likely seeing lows hovering near 0 degrees. If you're heading to the 2019 Polar Plunge, you'll want to make sure you bundle up, grab the coffee/hot chocolate and find ways to stay warm, as this will be the coldest polar plunge in several years. 

The coldest plunge was in 2012 when temperatures in the city were hovering below 0, while the warmest was just a few years ago when lows were hovering near freezing. 

Our only saving grace for slightly warmer temperatures will be if clouds hover longer than anticipated across Anchorage. Should this happen it'll still be a chilly plunge, but temperatures will likely be several degrees warmer.

If you're looking for snow, you'll have to wait several more days. We look to remain on the dry and cold side through the weekend, with our next best chance of snow just in time for Christmas.

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison