A man shot and killed at the Holiday gas station in Mountain View this week went there to confront another man who the victim believed was having an affair with and providing drugs to his pregnant wife, according to charging documents. 

Tierre Eady, 43, is charged with first- and second-degree murder in the death of 42-year-old Jerry Sales. 

According to a criminal complaint written by Anchorage Police Department Detective Jeffrey Bell, officers responded to a call from a gas station employee just after 10 a.m. Monday, where they found Sales lying in the parking lot with a single gunshot wound to the center of his chest. The black 2004 Dodge Durango he is believed to have been driving was parked 20 feet away, still running. 

Surveillance video 

Surveillance video showing the parking lot at the time of the shooting shows a blue Ford Windstar pull into the parking lot, drive around the building, then park along the side of the gas station facing Mountain View Drive. A woman inside the vehicle goes inside the Holiday foyer, then returns to the Windstar. 

Less than three minutes after the Windstar parks, the black Durango appears and parks near the Windstar. A person is seen getting out of the driver seat. 

Around 25 seconds later, the Windstar leaves. The Durango is left running. 

Witness accounts 

A witness seen on the surveillance footage loading deliveries at the gas station spoke with detectives. He said he saw two men were arguing, then one man pulled out a gun and shot the other. He said both men were outside of their vehicles when the shooting happened; the shooter was wearing a hoodie and left in the van.   

APD later received information that a cab had been called for a man known as "Duck" and a woman, just minutes after the shooting. According to the document, detectives were also told that Sales believed "Duck" was providing drugs to Sales' pregnant wife and Sales went to the gas station to confront him.  

Anchorage police investigate a homicide at the Holiday gas station in Mountain View on Dec. 16, 2019. (John Thain // KTVA)

The woman who was with him inside the Windstar told police the two went to the Holiday gas station to meet with Sales. She told police that Sales was misinformed and that "Duck" was with a different woman who looked similar to Sales' wife.

The woman said Sales immediately started hitting "Duck" through the Windstar's open window, accusing him of an affair before "Duck" shot Sales. 

Through their investigation, detectives were able to identify "Duck" as Eady.

Search warrants 

APD was granted a search warrant to look inside the Durango. Inside, they found and seized a cell phone, but did not find any evidence of weapons. 

Detectives also got a search warrant for the Windstar once they found it in an alley near North Bragaw Street. They recovered an ammunition magazine with a 12-round capacity that was missing two bullets and holding .40-caliber ammunition. 

'Total gossip' 

Sales' family and friends held a candlelight memorial for him Tuesday evening, remembering him as a son, brother, husband and father to six children. His wife is pregnant with his seventh. 

One of Sales' family members spoke with KTVA about the allegations in the complaint Thursday. The family member denied the accusations of drug use and an affair, saying they are "total gossip" and the circumstances of the homicide are still under investigation. 

Family members have declined to say whether Sales and Eady knew each other. 


Eady was arrested Friday, Jan. 17, 2020.

An alert from APD said officers got a tip on his location. Officers stopped a vehicle at Price Street and Thompson Avenue in Mountain View and found Eady in the passenger seat. 

Eady was arrested and taken to APD for questioning.

Tierre Eady, 43, appears in court Saturday, Jan 18, 2020. (Dave Leval / KTVA)

He appeared in court Saturday, Jan. 18 for his arraignment. He'll have to pay $1 million to get out of jail.

Editor's note: This story has been updated with information about Eady's arrest and court appearance.

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