An attempted murder suspect who was previously combative in court was better behaved for his latest arraignment.

Darin J. Smith, 26, flipped off cameras and flashed several apparent gang symbols. But unlike his last appearance, Smith did not curse at the judge and stayed quiet during his superior court arraignment.

Smith is facing 16 felony charges for an alleged kidnapping and assault in Wasilla earlier this month. The charges include robbery and the murder of an unborn child.

He’s one of three people originally named as suspects in the case. The Palmer Court issued warrants for three more suspects earlier this week: Abigail Thomas, Erick Hodgins and Dhamma Karuna, also known as Thomas Halsey.

Investigators said the suspects tied up a couple and assaulted them. One person was kicked and hit with a shotgun. Troopers said they found three victims who needed medical attention, including a woman who was stabbed several times and was found tied up and lying in a pool of blood.

Smith was charged with attempted murder after trooper said he fired a gun and a bullet hit someone in a nearby house.

On Wednesday, Judge John Wolfe kept Smith’s bail at $200,000 cash.

Co-defendant 32-year-old Peter A. Williams and 41-year-old Andre M. Franklin also appeared in court separately for their arraignments. Williams and Frankly are each charged with nine felonies related to the same case.

Judge Wolfe decided to keep Franklin's bail as previously set, which the judge said in court was $50,000. Online court records show bail was originally set and kept at $500,000 cash.

For Williams, the judge stated he'd need to pay $550,000 cash to get out of jail. 

State prosecutor Glenn Shidner asked the judge for a high bail because of the nature of the charges.

“Based on the extreme indifference to the safety of those in the community, with a firearm being shot toward a home and the extreme indifference to the safety of the alleged victims on that day I believe the court can find Mr. Williams poses a risk to the community and to the victims if he were to be released,” Shidner said.

If Williams makes bail, he’s required to be on electronic monitoring. He’s also not allowed have contact with any of the alleged victims, not to possess any firearms or drink alcohol.

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