Struggling for a last-minute holiday season gift idea for the person who has everything except their own ancient castle in France?

Well for just $55, you can now buy them one.

OK, not quite the whole castle, but a part-share of Château de Vibrac, a crumbling fortress in the country's western Grand Cognac Region that was once home to medieval French nobility.

For the third year in a row, heritage preservation start-up and nonprofit restoration association Adopte un chateau are organizing a collective purchase of an atmospheric French castle.

So far, over 175,000 euros have been raised -- with more than 1,700 people from across 45 countries becoming co-castle-owners. It's expected the team will need to invest a total of 1,240,000 euros.

Each contributor gets lifetime access to the château, a plot of the garden bearing their name and the opportunity to help dictate the future of this slice of French history.

The hope is to rebuild Vibrac to its former glory, showcasing the castle's potential through events and community get-togethers. There are also plans to grow organic produce in its fertile grounds.

Eventually, the team hopes there will also be eco-friendly cabins dotted around the 12 acres of grounds for guests to enjoy.