Erick Almandinger was found guilty of murdering David Grunwald after a two-week trial in May 2018, but his sentencing continues to be delayed.

At a status hearing, Almandinger’s new defense attorney John Putikka called in from Bethel. Putikka said he’s spoken with five experts but has not been able to retain one yet.

“Two of them have been retained by co-defendants. We’re still working on that,” Putikka said.

In an email, Putikka clarified he wanted to have an expert before the sentencing since Almandinger had no prior criminal record before Grunwald’s murder.

There was an earlier discussion between the judge and Almandinger’s former attorney, Jon Iannaccone, about having Almandinger psychologically tested before being sentenced.

Putikka was not able to comment on that aspect of the case.

Almandinger is expected to be sentenced after the trial for the fourth suspect, Austin Barrett, is over next spring.

Judge Gregory Heath asked Putikka to have an expert lined up by the next hearing in April.

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