A few hundred protesters gathered in downtown Anchorage in front of the federal building, pushing for President Donald Trump's impeachment — one day before the U.S. House is scheduled to take the impeachment vote.

Some of the signs read: 

The law matters;

Enforce the U.S. Constitution;

Stop Trump's Abust of Power;

No one is above the law;

Facts Matter.

One Anchorage resident said he would like for U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski to support bringing White House witnesses to the stand when the impeachment proceedings move to the Senate.

"We want a trial," said Elstun Lauesen. "We want an open trial. We want to see witness called. We want to hear from John Bolton. We want to hear from Mick Mulvaney. We want to hear from all these people that Trump said could not testify in front of the House."

Murkowski's office didn't respond to an email seeking comment.

KTVA asked a Trump supporter at the rally for an interview but they declined.

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