I was talking to meteorologist Aaron Morrison about our temperatures this week, and it was a rather interesting one. I called the temperatures at the beginning of the week mild. He said, temps in the 20s counts as cold. And while he might technically be right, the dropping numbers on the thermometer will have the 20s feeling downright balmy by the end of the week.

Another mild morning greeted us on Tuesday with temps in the 20s and teens in the Anchorage bowl. Partly cloudy skies in the morning will see increasing cloud cover throughout the day as yet another storm slides by to the south. Onshore flow will help bump temperatures back up to near 30 degrees this afternoon. It's not all clouds, we will get a couple peeks of sunshine today.

Wednesday is the start of something different. As the storm over the northern Pacific slides east, it opens the door for colder air to pour in from the Arctic. That will do 2 things to our weather here in Anchorage. It will dry us out (even more) and it will cool us down.

You will really start to feel the difference on Thursday. The cold air injection might give us a flurry, but that is about the extent of it, and that is wishful thinking at best. 

Clearing skies and dropping temperatures might give us the coldest temperatures of the season by the end of the week. In Anchorage it will be single digits, the east side of town might slip to near zero, and the valley could very well drop below zero by Friday morning.

Bundle up! The cold is on the way, now we just need the snow.

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo