UPS covers a bunch of ground at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, and it wants to take up more space.

UPS is planning a $110 million expansion that would cover about 1.3 million square feet. The company wants to build a new flight operations building and warehouse.

UPS needs the extra space space to handle new jumbo jets. A company spokesman says UPS wants to buy 28 new versions of the Boeing 747. It's part of the effort to boost the company's fleet by 49 new planes.

"I think the market understands that Anchorage is a special asset," said Airport Manager Jim Szczesniak, as UPS is not the only project he's busy with these days.

Alaska Cargo and Cold Storage wants to build a 700,000-square-foot cold storage and general warehouse. The proposed $200 million project is one of five major construction projects for the airport.

"This global economy, basically, is flowing through our airport, and we're going to put in the infrastructure necessary to be able to tap into the global economy," Szczesniak said.

The five projects add up to $707 million in investments for the airport. They could also pay off in another way.

"We're looking at somewhere probably between 700, 1,400 to 1,500 jobs associated with these projects," Szczesniak said.

More jobs could be on the way to the airport.

"We're not stopping, so we're going to continue to try and attract as much business as possible to this airport," Szczesniak said.

That includes giving UPS more room to spread its wings.

Construction on the projects is expected to start next year and take two to three years to complete.

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