An Anchorage man convicted of trying to rape an elderly woman was sentenced Thursday to serve 99 years for the crime, according to a release from the Alaska attorney general’s office.

Rex Weston, 60, was convicted of first-degree attempted sexual assault in August.

The attempted rape happened on May 21, 2016. Weston pried open the window of a senior living facility, crawled inside and undressed before climbing on top of the 77-year-old victim who was sleeping.

When the woman woke up and screamed, Weston covered her mouth and pinned her arms above her head. He tried to sexually assault her, but she kicked him off and ran to get help.

Weston ran from the scene. He was tracked by the Anchorage Police Department’s canine team and found at an elementary school.

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Erin Marston found 60-year-old Rex Weston to be a “worst offender” when imposing the sentence. Weston has 37 convictions in Alaska, nine of which are felonies. They include sexual abuse of a minor in 1983 and attempted sexual assault in 2001.

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