Since the return of a man with just one name — Pirate — the people of Fairbanks have been nervous.

Pirate, formerly known as Daniel Lloyd Selovich, was indicted on multiple sexual assault, kidnapping and assault charges. But before the case could be brought to trial in 2016, the victim died and the charges were dismissed.

Following his return to the area, social media fervor about tracking his whereabouts began. Question arose about the case, another case against Pirate in Nevada for which he had been extradited, and why the 2015 case had been dismissed. 

In response, the Fairbanks District Attorney and Deputy District Attorney revisited the case against Pirate.

"The Department of Law has completed its review of the evidence and concluded the dismissal of the 2015 case, while extremely frustrating, was appropriate under the law," a release stated Thursday. 

In the Nevada case against Pirate, his DNA had been linked to a 2004 rape. He pleaded guilty in 2018 to one count of sexually motivated coercion and was sentenced to serve one to five years, with credit for 645 days already served. It's unclear when he was released from custody in Nevada.

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