In the middle of the high winds and heavy rain Monday you may have noticed it was also quite warm! Turns out, Monday's high temperature of 51° is the warmest temperature ever recorded at Ted Stevens International during the month of December.

Records at this location go back to 1953 and before Monday, the highest temperature ever recorded in the month of December was 48°, which happened in 2005, 1999 and 1992.

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This marks the second monthly record high temperature set this year after Anchorage reached 90° back in July, breaking both the all-time record high for the month of July and for the entire year.

This is the 31st daily record high temperature set so far this year, including nine record highs set in the spring, 17 this summer, three this fall and now two this winter.

The normal high for Anchorage this time of year is 25°.

-Chief Meteorologist Melissa Frey

The storm responsible for the wind and record warmth moved out. That will usher in a big change in weather for much of Southcentral from Monday to Tuesday. 

The rain came to an end and as skies cleared, temperatures dropped early Tuesday morning. Temps fell below freezing across much of the Anchorage bowl, freezing much of the water left on the roads and sidewalks. 

With increasing sunshine throughout the day temperatures will climb back into the upper-30s this afternoon. A rather pleasant day, but a small taste of what is in store in the week to come. 

We will see a mix of clouds and sun in the days ahead. While storms move closer to Southcentral, they just don't get close enough to offer any significant chances of rain or snow. 

Temperatures will hover right near freezing. Above it during the day and below it overnight. This means we will likely see more icy mornings in the days to come.

 Keep those ice grippers handy and drive safe!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo