During the course of an afternoon, Darin Smith laughed, cursed at a judge and flashed an apparent gang sign in court. The 26-year-old was arraigned Monday in Palmer for multiple felonies, including attempted murder.

Smith along with co-defendants Peter Williams, 32, and Andre Franklin, 41, face charges of assault, kidnapping, robbery and weapons misconduct in addition to attempted murder — the result of a near-fatal assault and shooting incident on Dec. 5, 2019.  

According to a charging document filed in the case, a couple identified by their initials, D.W. and his girlfriend, B.B., were renting a room from Williams, but decided to move out “because Williams displayed erratic behavior and was unpredictable.”

When the couple returned to the home Thursday, they were confronted by Williams, Smith, Franklin, an unknown white female with glasses and an unknown male with a shaved head.

Smith allegedly held a pistol to D.W.’s head and demanded he get on the ground, while Franklin, holding a shotgun, grabbed B.B. When D.W. tried to help B.B., Smith allegedly pistol whipped him, hitting his face with the gun twice.

According to the criminal complaint, Williams told Franklin and Smith that he had a bunch of “stuff” stolen from him, and the group wanted D.W. and B.B. to tell them where the “stuff” was.

Both D.W. and B.B. were allegedly tied up and assaulted. D.W. was kicked and hit with a shotgun, and his head was covered for a time so he couldn’t see. He was then taken outside and put in the back of Williams’ gold Tahoe, and the suspects took turns watching him while B.B. could be heard being assaulted.

While Smith was watching D.W., he allegedly ripped a necklace containing D.W.’s brother’s ashes off of D.W. and told him, “you will see your brother soon.”

According to the document, the suspects got tired of watching D.W. because it was cold, so they closed the back hatch of the Tahoe. D.W. was able to free himself and escape, running to a neighbor’s home for help.

When Smith saw D.W. running away, he chased him and started shooting. He missed D.W., but a bullet struck a woman identified by the initials A.B., who had been sleeping inside. The bullet grazed her head and became lodged in her pillow, according to the complaint.

Once troopers were called to the scene on Metcalf Circle, they found A.B. and D.W. needing medical attention. When they went next door they found B.B. “laying on the floor in a pool of blood and tied up.” She was suffering from several stab wounds to the neck and torso, as well as a possible skull fracture.

A.B., D.W., and B.B. were all transported to the hospital. B.B. required surgery.

Less than a mile away from the homes, troopers arrested Williams, Franklin and Smith.

At his arraignment on Monday, Smith was combative. He cursed at the judge several times, at one point holding up a middle finger.

“F---ing retarded ass judge,” he remarked.

Williams’ neighbor asked the judge to set bail as high as he could for the three suspects.

“My house was hit with bullets,” the woman told the judge. “One of them entered my household and hit my girlfriend. Thank God it didn’t kill her.”

“Not really,” Smith interrupted.

The woman continued, “I do ask that you do not be lenient with these guys and that you set the bail as high as possible.”

Smith’s bail is set at $200,000 cash.

Franklin and Williams were in custody of the Department of Corrections in Anchorage on Monday afternoon when they were scheduled to appear in Palmer. Their arraignments have been rescheduled for Tuesday.

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