Weather conditions have caused power outages Monday in Southcentral Alaska. Several electric companies have reported outages in their service areas.

Are you prepared for an emergency? The Municipality of Anchorage recommends five to seven days of supplies. See more tips online.

Tuesday, Dec. 10

11:50 a.m. Power restored for most

According to power outage maps from Matanuska Electric Association, Chugach Electric Association and Homer Electric Association, power has been restored for most people in areas that experienced major outages Monday.

Outage maps are available online:

5:40 a.m. MEA still working to restore power, nearly complete

Matanuska Electric Association says crews are still working to restore power for under 300 members on Knik River Road, the Shrock Road and Birchwood areas.

Chugach Electric Association said late Monday evening that power was restored for Girdwood and Hope. According to the Homer Electric Association outage map, there were just three members without power just before 5:45 a.m. Tuesday.

Monday, Dec. 9

11 p.m. Chugach, MEA customers nearly all restored 

According to a post on the company's Facebook page, nearly all Chugach Electric Association customers had power back on by late Monday night. At 8:30 p.m. power had been restored to Cooper Landing and Indian, just before 9 p.m. those near Birch and 98th were restored, then by 10:20 p.m. customers in the Glen Alps area also had power.

As of 11 p.m. the company's online outage map reported around 430 without power, mostly in the Hope, Tyonek and Whittier-Portage areas.

In the Mat-Su, just over 460 Matanuska Electric Association customers were without power just after 11 p.m., with the majority in the Knik River Road area, according to an online outage map.


9:15 p.m. Willow, Houston outage over 

The Matanuska Electric Association report all members affected by this outage were back online.


6 p.m. Crews continue work in Soldotna, Sterling

Homer Electric Association spokesperson Bruce Shelley stated in a video update posted to the company's Facebook page that high winds have knocked down multiple trees in the Soldotna and Sterling areas, including Fisherman’s Road, Hallelujah Court, Mackey Lake Road, Brentwood Street and Mooring Drive.

He also urged people not to go out and try to remove the trees themselves. 

"Please do not do that. That line could still be energized and you could be hurt by that," he said.

He said crews are in full-force and asked people to call in their outages. The number to do so is 1-888-8OUTAGE (1-888-868-8243).


5:32 p.m. Chugach Electric reports total of 3,500 lost power Monday

Chugach Electric Association spokeswoman Julie Hasquet said at the height of Monday’s winter storm there were 3,500 of their customers without power.

That number is smaller than an outage the day before Thanksgiving that effected 8,000 customers and took two days to fully restore power. Hasquet said the storm is a good reminder that people should keep an emergency kit in their homes.

“We always tell people to be prepared for a multi-day outage,” said Hasquet. “We could have an earthquake or a major storm. And all the experts and emergency services will tell you to have a seven-day supply of everything you need: water, food, medicine, pet food. Anything you are going to need on a daily basis, have that supply ready so that when the storm comes you’re ready.”

Anchorage’s Emergency Management Office has a list for an emergency kit that includes:

  • Water: store one gallon of water per person per day;
  • Food: store at least a 5-7 day supply of non-perishables;
  • Basic first aid supplies: include non-prescription drugs;
  • Sanitation items:toilet paper, soap, disinfectant, etc.
  • Clothing: sturdy shoes, hats, gloves, etc.
  • Bedding: blankets, sleeping bags, etc.
  • Tools;
  • Pet emergency kit; food, water, leash, crate, etc.
  • Emergency supplies; crank radio, flashlight, matches, etc.


4:53 p.m. Willow, Houston outage 

Matanuska Electric Association reported an issue with a feeder at a substation has caused 1,400 members to lose power in Willow and Houston. Crews were responding.


2:14 p.m. More outages in Mat-Su

Matanuska Electric Association has reported outages in the Shrock Road area in Wasilla and over 720 members with power out in Chugiak. About 500 members are without power in the South Fork and Hiland Road area.

MEA has asked people to report outages online through their MEA accounts.


1:09 p.m. Chugach Electric restores power to around 1,000 members in Anchorage

Chugach reports just over 1,000 customers on the Hillside have power restored. According to a Facebook post, Chugach expects power to be out for another four to six hours for members in Indian, where a broken pole needs to be replaced. 


12:29 p.m. Over 2,600 Homer Electric Association members without power

The Homer Electric Association reported a power outage early Monday morning due to winds in Homer, Kalifornsky Beach, Soldotna and Sterling. HEA was able to restore some power later in the morning, but several outages remain.

Outages according to Homer Electric:

Even Lane off K-Beach - 172 members

Airport Circle (Funny River & West Soldotna) - 100 members 
Funny River (end of Funny River) - 115 members
Knight Drive - 418 members
Mackey Lake - 143 members
Moser Street - 39 members
Panoramic Street - 74 members
Scout Lake Road - 62 members
Whisper Lake Road - 87 members
Robinson Loop - 10+ members 

Those who remain without power in a restored area or need to report downed trees and power lines should contact HEA at 800-478-8551.



12:05 p.m. Some power restored

Matanuska Electric Association says Palmer and Sutton area customers should have power restored. About 1,300 customers are still without power, just under 500 outages are in the Butte.

Just over 1,000 Chugach Electric subscribers are without power in South Anchorage in the Hillside and Oceanview areas. Outages remain along the Turnagain Arm and other parts of Southcentral.

11:09 a.m. Outages in Anchorage and Mat-Su

According to a Facebook post from Matanuska Electric Association, there are outages in Palmer, Sutton and the Butte area. The MEA outage map states over 3,400 customers are without power.

Chugach Electric has reported a power outage in the Anchorage Hillside. Chugach is also working on restoring power in several areas including Girdwood, Cooper Landing, Dave's Creek, Hope and Tyonek. Over 2,000 customers are without power, according to Chugach's outage map.

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