Freezing fog is always a double-edged sword. On one side you have slick roads and a difficult commute, on the other— the beautiful rime ice left behind. Rime ice is what it is called when the trees have that frosty look, and it sure is beautiful. 

We have already hit our high temperature for the day, 20 degrees early in the morning. As the day presses on, we will watch temperatures drop— then struggle to climb back to that 20-degree mark. It's also the time of year the east side of town gets much colder overnight. Temperatures fell to the single digits and stayed there through the morning. 

Clouds building throughout the day will bring us our next chance of snow. That chance comes overnight tonight, and it's still just a chance at this point in time. If we see accumulating snow it will be about an inch or less. The location of the storm and moving weather pattern will keep it brief, most of the snow happens while we are nestled comfortably in bed. 

Friday will be cloudy and mild. Temperatures stay in the mid-20s through the day, drying out once the sun rises. 

If you're not a fan of this cold, don't worry— warmer temperatures arrive this weekend. In fact, it is looking like daytime highs will approach 32 degrees— making it feel downright balmy after this little cold snap. 

The warmer temperatures continue into early next week, we just have to hope we stay dry so another round of rain doesn't ruin our beautiful snow!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo