People in and around Fairbanks are on edge. A man once accused of rape and torture has been seen back in the city after being extradited to face other charges out of state.

A post to a Fairbanks Facebook page Tuesday appears to show him at a McDonald’s restaurant in the area, prompting the public to speak out.

The 41-year-old man born Daniel Selovich legally changed his name to Pirate. Some believe he may also use the alias “Raven.”

A Facebook group called “Pirate (aka Raven) Sightings” was formed Tuesday. By Wednesday there were nearly 1,000 members.

In 2015, it was alleged Pirate picked up a woman at the Fairbanks airport and took her to his dry cabin in Manley Hot Springs where he raped and beat her every day over the next several weeks.

She told police he’d threatened to cut her face off, put a rope around her neck and tied it to a roof support beam in the cabin, and duct taped her to himself at night so she couldn’t leave.

After more than five weeks, the woman was able to send a Facebook message to a friend asking for help. A military helicopter transported her and Pirate to the hospital.

However, the case would never end up in court. The alleged victim died of a drug overdose, so the district attorney in Fairbanks dropped all the charges which included kidnapping, assault and sexual assault.

In 2016, Pirate was extradited to Nevada where his DNA had been linked to a 2004 rape. In 2018 he pleaded guilty to one count of sexually motivated coercion and was sentenced to serve one to five years, with credit for 645 days already served. It's unclear when he was released from custody in Nevada.

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