A Wasilla home’s security camera captured a rough doorstep delivery from a contract carrier.

Erika Kubik lives in the Mission Hills neighborhood off of Church Road. She said her family was concerned about increasing “porch pirate” thefts and upgraded their home surveillance system to include a doorbell camera.

One day, Kubik received a notice on her phone with a recording of the mail carrier in her driveway. That's when she saw the carrier throwing her package toward the front door.

“She came around the trash can and tossed it right up,” she said. “I had to watch it a couple times to make sure that’s what I saw.”

Kubik shared the video on social media where people were quick to weigh in with their frustrations and concerns. She said she’s thankful there was nothing fragile in the package.

Kubik's family recently started requesting home deliveries so she tries to keep her stairs and driveway clear of snow. Last week — before the cameras went up — she found a package placed in the middle of her stairs.

She doesn’t understand why the driver chose to huck this latest delivery on to her doorstep.

“To me it was just very disrespectful. I mean, take pride in your job,” Kubik said. “If you don’t want to do your job and you don’t want to respect other people’s stuff then find something else that you like.”

Kubik said staff from the Wasilla and Anchorage post offices reached out to apologize for the incident. A U.S. Postal Service corporate spokesperson said the issue has been addressed with the contract carrier.

“A mishandled package is unacceptable and does not reflect the careful efforts of the thousands of professional, dedicated carriers and clerks in our workforce," Brian Sperry wrote in an email. "While this carrier is a contract carrier, they are held to the same high standards as any USPS carrier.”

Kubik said she appreciates getting a quick response from the Postal Service.

Customers with questions or concerns can connect with the service through consumer affairs at 1-907-564-2828.

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