Sen. Dan Sullivan recently chaired a hearing on the U.S. Department of Defense's audit. In the department's audit for fiscal year 2019 completed Nov. 15, seven out of 24 DOD agencies came back with a clean report, according to Sullivan's office.

In 1990, Congress mandated an audit of the department. Sullivan's office says DOD has been trying to become “audit ready” since then. The first-ever audit was in 2018.

“The completion of this audit represents a critical piece of executing the 2018 National Defense Strategy, ensuring the Department of Defense gains full value from every taxpayer dollar,” Sullivan said. “Maintaining our military’s fiscal responsibilities enables Congress to provide the military with the resources it needs to combat threats around the world, particularly our near-peer competitors: Russia and China. I congratulate Deputy Secretary Norquist on his efforts to complete this year’s DOD audit and look forward to continued improvement next year. I hope to see the department again build off of this year’s audit – as they did off of last year’s – to create a more efficient and effective military going forward.”

Sullivan said more than 1,400 auditors worked on the project and did hundreds of site inspections.

According to Sullivan's office, the Department of Defense maintains $2.9 trillion in assets and $292 billion in inventory.

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