After picking up a decent amount of snow, Southcentral will dry out in the coming days. Anchorage saw anywhere between 2 and 6 inches of snow Monday. This storm was very dynamic and location played a big roll in snow totals throughout the day. Kenai picked up a whopping 14 inches of fresh snow by the time it stopped. That's on top of an already snow-filled season. Totals hovered around 4 inches in the valley.

Flurries will slowly come to an end in the morning. And despite a few lingering bits of snow, there won't be any additional accumulation today

As for our temperatures, they are on the decline. In fact, we've already hit our high temperature for the day. That happened just after midnight when we were at 27 degrees. Even with the added help from the sun, temperatures will slide to the mid to low-20s by the afternoon. As the sun goes down and the snow officially moves out— we'll drop to the teens by the time most of us head to bed. 

Wednesday will keep the dropping trend going. As the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, temps will top out near 20 degrees. That's right, sun. Skies will continue to clear throughout the day as temperatures continue to drop. The dry air moving in, combined with the lack of cloud cover, means an even bigger drop in temps overnight Wednesday into Thursday. Single digits are likely as the sun comes up Thursday. 

The cool-down doesn't last long. An incoming storm will bring the return of a chance of snow and warmer temperatures as we get closer to the weekend. 

Enjoy the winter weather, I know I will!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo