Despite temperatures being on the warm side today, enough cold air settled into the Anchorage Bowl that brought a quick dusting to an inch of snow. While the system responsible for the burst of snow has drifted off to the northeast, another storm takes aim on Southcentral. This storm is still taking shape in the Aleutians and will continue to move off to the northeast through the night. As it does this it will tap into more moisture across the Gulf of Alaska and set the stage for some heavy rain across the Prince William Sound. 

Elsewhere, as the low moves off to the northeast, it will tap into cold air. It's here where the cold air will play a huge role in just how much snow we'll see across portions of Southcentral. While we'll likely see a wintry mix to start off the day and through the afternoon hours, once the sun sets the snow should begin to really settle into the region. As the low continues to move into the Prince William Sound, we'll also see some windy conditions pick up for the Anchorage Hillside and Turnagain Arm. Winds will likely gust up to 30-40 mph through the day, which could lead to some visibility problems once the snow begins to fall. 

Snow will likely be heavy at times into the evening hours which could lead to some travel impacts. For those who have family members who are heading home, be mindful that you'll likely need extra time to get to where you are going. While snow does look promising through the evening hours Sunday, the amounts will likely vary depending on the track of the low and how soon the cold air gets here. 

Currently, the cold air is dammed up in the Alaska Range and once it spills into the region we'll begin to see our heavier snowfall totals across the region. As for how much we'll see, it all depends on where you live. 

For now, it looks like the valley could see up to 3 inches of snowfall, with upwards of 5 inches of snowfall along the Anchorage Bowl. The west side of town will see the lower amounts, with higher amounts as you head east. The Kenai looks to be the big winner here, where some locations will likely pick up anywhere from 3-6" of snow, with localized heavier amounts. 

Once the snow clears out of Southcentral we'll see a return to cold temperatures, where overnight lows dip into the single digits and afternoon highs struggle to climb out of the 10s.

Have a great Sunday!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison.