While it seems snow is hard to come by lately thanks to our warmth, another storm system looks to bring the return to winter weather across Southcentral. While it certainly doesn't feel cold enough to snow right now, colder weather will slowly filter into the region. Initially, we'll see all rain but through the day the changeover will happen, with all snow occurring by Saturday night for the majority of us. 

While most of Southcentral has seen some form of precipitation the past 24 hours, the Anchorage Bowl and western portions of the Kenai have struggled to see a drop. This is due in large part to our winds keeping us in the rain shadow. That will change though overnight into Saturday, as the winds begin to die down and allow more moisture to advect into the region. As this occurs we'll initially see all rain across the Anchorage Bowl and portions of the Kenai, as temperatures will still be too warm. However, through the day as colder air slowly settles into the region a transition into a wintry mix will occur. 

A better chance for the wintry mix will exist across Hillside and eastern portions of the city, we'll likely see a delayed changeover for the western portion of the city, due to the influence of winds and the water. Although that is set to be the case, everyone should see a wintry mix into the latter portion of the afternoon. Of course, temperatures can vary greatly across the city, we could see that delayed in many hours. 

Into the evening a changeover to snow will occur before tapering off around 9 p.m. Little to no accumulation is expected for Saturday, but another system is set to arrive by Sunday. It's this system that will not only begin to slowly usher in colder air but could bring a nice band of snow into the region where accumulation will be all but certain. 

Into next week, highs look to fall into the teens with overnight lows in the single digits. 

Have a great weekend!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison