For those looking to grab some holiday gifts this weekend, consider this — Bering Straits Native Corporation is hosting a Celebration of Native Art event on Saturday, featuring the work of more than 60 Indigenous artists. 

"We like to focus on our shareholders, but [for] this event, we've allowed other Native artists to come in," said Nilson Mixsooke, Communications Coordinator for BSNC.

According to Mixsooke, BSNC has had holiday bazaars in the past, but the group wanted to move beyond what they’ve done before.

"This is more than just a holiday bazaar. It’s more of a celebration of our culture," he said.

In an event description online BSNC says, "Alaska Native art connects us to our heritage, shows respect for our land and resources, and helps provide for the livelihood of Alaska Native artists."

"These artists are telling a story, they're telling the story of our people and it's basically showing where we've come from, and that, in turn, shows who we are now," Mixsooke said, adding that BSNC likes to hold bazaars around the holiday season.

All proceeds from sales go to the artists themselves. 

"It helps our artists with their sales and whatnot, but it also brings us together as a community, which is what we’ve been doing for years and years."

The Celebration of Native Art starts at 10 a.m. at Changepoint Church in Anchorage, with performances by the King Island Dancers at 1 and 3 p.m. 

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