As Black Friday shoppers take to the road early in the morning, they will find a couple slick spots with temperatures hovering right near freezing in parts of town. The cooler weather doesn't last long. By the afternoon, we're back to balmy in Anchorage. 

Temperatures will top out near 40 degrees once again. That warmth comes with a cloud-filled sky, thanks to the storm to our south. But that storm is the same thing bringing us the warmer weather. Anchorage will stay mostly dry throughout the day thanks to the direction of the wind. Nestled in the rain shadow of the mountains, downsloping means the extent of our precipitation will be a few stray sprinkles. 

Overnight, those sprinkles turn into showers. It will start as rain with our push of moisture coming from the south, but it doesn't stay that way. Wind from the north will usher in some colder air, temperatures will dip enough to turn rain into snow. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen in time to give us any significant accumulation. Most of the snow sticks to the higher elevations and north of Talkeetna. 

That chance of snow sticks around into Sunday. Temperatures will stay much closer to freezing throughout the day. That gives us our best chance of snow in the next couple of days. We could see a little accumulation, an absolute treat as we kick off the holiday season. 

In the week to come, we will see a drop in temperatures. We'll fall back to normal by the middle of the week, then below normal by the time the workweek comes to an end. 

Maybe this will be the start of winter we've all been waiting for.

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo