After a wild Wednesday night into Thursday morning, winds finally died down across the Anchorage Bowl. At its peak, wind gusts were well over 100 mph in some areas. Those winds were a big driver in warming us and depleting what little snowpack we did have in place across the Anchorage Bowl. Those warming winds brought Anchorage the warmest Thanksgiving we've seen since 2007, and the 3rd warmest on record. Meanwhile, across northern portions of Southcentral in the Susitna Valley it remains a different story. Many areas saw in excess of 3 feet of snow, with noticeably cooler temperatures. 

While the winds have died down, the storm that brought the windy conditions is still affecting us. We'll continue to see snow showers for the Susitna Valley, with some areas seeing an additional 10-inches of snow. Farther south it will remain warmer with just light rain showers in the forecast. While many will continue to see wet conditions portions of the Anchorage Bowl and Western Kenai will remain on the dry side. This is due to our persistent southeasterly winds leading to downsloping winds. These winds not only led to little to no rain for us, but also keeps the warmer conditions in the forecast.

With that said, a few spot showers are possible across Anchorage into Black Friday. We'll also continue to hold onto the cloudy skies, with highs topping out once more into the lower 40s. 

Looking ahead to the weekend, another storm looks to impact us. While this one will start off as rain, we'll gradually see a transition into a wintry mix and eventually snow. This comes as colder air is pumped into the region as the storm system pushes through the region. This cold air will likely bring even colder temperatures than recently experienced, as highs look to struggle to climb out of the 10s by Wednesday, with overnight lows dipping into the single digits.

Enjoy the remainder of your Thanksgiving Holiday!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison