Jenny’s Coffee House has been a go-to for drive-thru coffee in the Butte for four years.

Jenny Buswell was a stay-at-home mom who opened the shop after her kids were old enough to start school.

“I’ve seen the community grow. I was born and raised here, my grandparents homesteaded out here,” Buswell said. “So, it’s been really cool to reconnect with everybody and see all the new and the way it’s growing.”

While her shop has thrived, her health hasn’t. Buswell was recently diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, a rare and incurable nerve disease.

“It starts with tingling and then it’s like electrical shocks through the whole bottom right side [of my face]. Excruciating. There’s a nickname for it called suicide disease because there’s not much they can do. They’re still learning about it,” Buswell said.

As a drive-thru stand, the windows are always open and the cold weather triggers her condition.

For the sake of her health, Buswell decided to sell.

“It’s been really hard to finally make that decision because I built it from the ground up and, you know, 70 hours a week I’m here,” Buswell said. “So, yes, it was a hard decision but life goes on.”

She plans to keep the shop open until she can find the right person to take over. Buswell would like the coffee shop to remain a caffeine staple in the Butte community.

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