Bitter cold, according to some. We officially dropped to 11 degrees early Tuesday morning at Ted Stevens— making this the coldest day since March 2nd. That's almost 9 months! On the east side, it was a little cooler. Weather stations read single-digit low temperatures as the day began, enough to understand the bitter cold description. 

It's a run of storms taking aim at the 49th state this holiday week— bringing strong wind, heavy snow, and coastal flooding. It all starts with one over Siberia. While the storm itself is pretty far away, the front belonging to the storm is bringing wind, snow, and rain to western Alaska. Enough to halt travel in many areas.

In Southcentral, that means another day of clouds and the chance of some light snow in the afternoon. Temperatures will climb from the cold start to the day all the way into the mid-20s by the afternoon. The snow will be light enough in nature that accumulation won't be a concern today, but that is not the case in the days to come. 

Snow will start on the Southern Kenai Peninsula early Wednesday. By midday, it will spread across much of Southcentral. Most of the snow and heavier precipitation stays in the higher elevations and coastal areas. Turnagain Pass, Western Prince William Sound, and the Susitna Valley will take the brunt of the snow in Southcentral, so if you are hitting the road to see family or friends— keep that in mind. 

In Anchorage, the bowl will find itself nestled in a rain shadow of the surrounding mountains. That keeps the odds of accumulating snow a bit lower than the surrounding areas. We could still see something out of the storm, but not near the totals adding up elsewhere in Southcentral. 

Temperatures will start to steadily warm as the storm moves in. After starting Tuesday in the single digits across much of the Anchorage bowl, temperatures will stay near 20 degrees Tuesday night into Wednesday then climb to near 30 by the afternoon. The storm riding along the Gulf Coast from the Alaska Peninsula to Southcentral will advect warmer temperatures into the region through the second half of the week. 

We will once again soar into the mid-30s both Thursday and Friday, about ten degrees warmer than where we should be this time of year. 

Even those brave shoppers won't be battling much cold. Low temperatures stay mild with thick clouds expected early Friday morning. 

Just two days away from Thanksgiving! 
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo