Thanks to a warmer than expected morning, temperatures surged into the 40s once more across the Anchorage Bowl. This warmer-than-normal trend will likely close out November as the warmest on record. With only a week left in the month, this month will also close as the 4th time in recorded history that Anchorage has seen the overall average for November above the freezing mark. Speaking of the freezing mark, it's not something Anchorage has hovered near much this fall. That will soon change though as some of the coldest air we've seen in nearly nine months pushes into Southcentral. 

Ahead of the cold air that will arrive, some across Southcentral will see some flurries to light snow showers Sunday. This comes as a weak upper-level disturbance lifts from the south and mixes with our cold air. Little to no accumulation is expected, outside of areas that lie in higher elevations. It's possible that many of us will stay below the freezing mark for the first time in many months, as the first of the cold air arrives.

The true shock for many of us, considering we've been warm for quite some time, will be the return of the 20s for highs. Monday cold polar air will spill into Southcentral which will keep highs struggling to climb out of the lower 20s by Monday afternoon. Overnight lows will also return to the 10s, which is normal for this time of year. 

So where's the snow?

While the system that will impact us loses steam as it moves into Southcentral, another round of moisture moves in from the south. This will likely bring some light to moderate snow showers across all of Southcentral late Tuesday into Wednesday night. While it's too early to tell just how much snow we'll see, it's possible that many of us could see a nice snowpack.

Will it stick around though considering the recent warm stretch that melted our last snow? While it will stick around longer, the weather pattern suggests a brief return to warmer conditions across Southcentral as we close out November and welcome in December.

Enjoy the rest of weekend!

- Meteorologist Aaron Morrison