Don't worry— the colder temperatures will ease their way in, so it's not quite the shock it looks like at first glance. A steady cooling through the weekend will drop temps back to where they should be this time of year. 

Friday started out warm. 42 degrees at Ted Stevens is where it started long before the sun broke the horizon. Early in the morning temperatures will drop back into the upper-30s before struggling to climb back into the low 40s by the afternoon. The last push of warmth along with the passing front will be these warmer temperatures kissing us goodbye. 

Once the showers start tapering off, the temperatures will start the slide. Rain turns into the chance of a little wintry mix overnight as we hang on to a little moisture. By the time the sun welcomes us to the weekend, temperatures will be in the low-30s. 

The wintry mix and chance of snow tapers off by that sunrise Saturday. But that won't clear out those clouds just yet. Mostly cloudy skies stick around through the day Saturday. That will keep temperatures in the 30s all day long. 

As wind shifts from south to north, we lose our moisture tap. That means in addition to cooler temperatures, we dry out. We will even get to see a little sunshine by Sunday! A mix of clouds and sun and cool is how we start Thanksgiving week. Temperatures stay below freezing throughout the entire day. We still haven't seen a sub-freezing high temperature this season and Sunday brings our best chance of one yet. 

By Monday we will, without a doubt, be below freezing all day. Partly cloudy and cold is the story as we might even see temperatures below normal! Overnight lows will start dipping into the teens next week— it's time to get that parka back out of the closet!

An incoming storm puts snow back in the forecast for much of Southcentral just in time for Thanksgiving travel. Be sure to stay with the KTVA weather team for the latest as you plan holiday travel. 

Happy Friday!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo