Alyse Galvin says she is ready for another campaign against the longest serving member of Congress — U.S. House Rep. Don Young.

Surrounded by a small group of sign-waving supporters in front of Providence Hospital, the Anchorage Independent on Thursday held her first public event since filing her intent with the Division of Elections.

Last year, Galvin ran a spirited campaign identified by the recreational home spotted throughout the state, but she still came up more than 18,000 votes short against the incumbent.

“We got the 47% last time as a no-name Alyse Galvin,” she said on Thursday. “I’m so grateful that we will be growing our campaign to get that win."

She continued, "We know in a presidential electorate many more will be voting so we’re going to work really hard to make sure I earn their votes.”

No matter how other national or state races go, Young has been hard to defeat as he’s won general elections by wide margins for more than 10 years.

Former Gov. Sean Parnell came close, falling just 304 votes — less than half a percentage point — short of defeating Young in the 2008 primary.

Galvin told a crowd her independent approach is essential for change in Washington and Alaska. She reminded supporters of her refusing corporate political action committee money.

“Too often politicians are thinking about their special interest donors when they make these decisions, not the people that the serve,” she said. “When I’m making laws in Congress I want everyone to know exactly who I work for. That is why I have not accepted a dime of corporate PAC money.”

Young, who began serving more than 46 years ago, said now is not the time for a new face representing Alaska on Capitol Hill. He said this is especially true if the House Democrats hold on to the majority for another term.

“This the only time it’s really important because you’ve got to work across the aisle,” he said,  “and if you check the records, I’m the most bi-partisan member in the whole congress. The person who works well with one another gets things done.”

Despite last year’s strong victory, Young said he’s not taking Galvin’s second attempt lightly.

“I run hard; I’m working hard; I’ve got a good campaign team,” he said. “One thing I learned a long time ago, you never, ever take it for granted. There’s never been a rabbit caught yet that kept running."

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