A month after a fire destroyed its Palmer location, Car Deets has found a new home in the Mat-Su.

Company president Jim Beach said the auto detailing business will join forces with RV Concierge in Wasilla — a company that cleans and details motor homes and also rents them out for owners hoping to make extra money when they’re not using their vehicles.

“Car Deets would actually take over the operation of RV Concierge and grow it and build it into a bigger business,” Beach said. "Obviously, Car Deets has more space so we can provide more service to the Valley as a whole.”

Beach was out of town on Oct. 15 when his business caught fire. He said firefighters said it was an electrical issue. Manager Joshua Firey captured the aftermath with cellphone video that showed one of the bays gutted by flames.

“The first thing I saw was how they knocked down the doors to put the fire out. I saw the vehicle in there all burnt up,” Firey said. “It was pretty depressing; it was a shocker to see the shop did catch on fire.”

Beach said the customer whose car burned up was the second person to tell him about the fire.

“He’d seen it on Facebook and he called and said, ‘We’re all good. You take care of what you need to take care of. We’ll figure out the rest later.’ That was a huge relief,” Beach said.

With the building destroyed, Beach wasn’t sure what would happen next. But as the news of the fire spread, he got a helping hand.

Within hours, the owners of Trailtoyz Offroad in Wasilla offered his crew a temporary place to work.

“It’s actually a little difficult for me," Beach said. "I tend to be the helper, not the person who gets help or needs help. It was overwhelming for sure."

He also received letters in the mail from customers. One woman sent hundreds of dollars and a kind message about how the business had helped her.

“Our business success as a whole really speaks to how the people are here. People here in the Valley support each other,” Beach said.

He expects to add a handful of jobs at the new location to keep up with the expanded services the Car Deets-RV Concierge hybrid business will offer.

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