The week kicked off exceptionally warm. The 49 degrees we hit Wednesday afternoon was some 23 degrees above normal! An area of low pressure seated to the west of Alaska is ushering in warmer air from the south. The warmer temperatures are expected to last through the weekend before a cool-down brings a dose of reality next week. 

Thursday's warmth will come with strong wind and rain. Temperatures will stay in the 40s throughout the day, with showers likely for much of Southcentral. Wind will start picking up in the afternoon. In town, wind will near 30 miles per hour, but a high wind warning is in effect for Hillside and Turnagain Arm as wind gusts are forecast to near 75 miles per hour. 

The High Wind Warning is in effect from noon to 9 pm. The strongest wind on Hillside will be above 2,000 feet, and out Turnagain Arm. Wind will be out of the southeast at 25 to 45 miles per hour with gusts near 75. 

We will hang on to the impacts of this storm through the end of the week. Temperatures will stay well above normal with the chance of showers in the forecast for much of Southcentral and Southeast Alaska. The push of warmer air from the south will keep much of what falls as rain in the coming days. Snow stays north of Talkeetna and in higher elevations. 

As the storm moves inland and starts to lose upper-level support, wind will shift from south to north across Southcentral. While that sounds a little complex, think of it this way. We are about to get cold. Not cold like dead of winter cold, just cold enough that we might get to see temperatures near normal for the first time in a while. Making this the potential for the coldest temperatures we have seen this season. 

Now this cold waits to arrive until next week, but it looks like a sure-enough thing that even the Climate Prediction Center is saying temps will likely fall below normal.