As BP Alaska begins say goodbye to Prudhoe Bay, its president had a message to the buyer of the company's North Slope assets.

"I do want to congratulate Hilcorp and wish them all the success on the North Slope and in operating Prudhoe Bay," said Janet Weiss, president of BP Alaska. "So Dave, here's the keys!" 

Weiss handed over a set of keys to Hilcorp Alaska's senior vice president David Wilkins on Wednesday at the 40th annual Alaska Resources Conference.

Weiss said she believes Hilcorp will be successful as it has a proven track record.

Weiss spoke to a crowd of Resource Development Council members. She said she believes with Hilcorp at the reins there are more than 2 billion barrels of oil left to be produced.

Though the sale isn't official yet, Hilcorp is in the process of buying BP's Prudhoe assets. The Regulatory Commission of Alaska issued a second extension for public comment through Dec. 13.

The RCA is reviewing a portion of the $5.6 billion sale that includes the trans-Alaska oil pipeline.

The House and Senate resources committees will have a hearing on the topic next month.

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