Two brothers from Anchorage have been sentenced for their role in a Fairbanks drug trafficking conspiracy. Authorities say they are repeat offenders.

Dwayne Dollison Jr., 37, and Kenneth Martin Douglas, 35, were arrested after a late night traffic stop in 2017, according to a release from U.S. Attorney for the District of Alaska Bryan Schroder's office.

The release states troopers pulled over two vehicles that were speeding on the Parks Highway near Fairbanks. One vehicle belonged to the brothers, while the other was rented by them and being driven by women they were traveling with.

Troopers found a small amount of heroin in the passenger side of the rental car before obtaining a warrant and searching the trunk.

In the trunk, authorities found about 154 grams of cocaine, 44 grams of crack, 27 grams of meth and 12 grams of heroin in and around duffle bags. The bags also contained two Smith & Wesson 9 mm handguns.

"The guns and duffle bags were subsequently tied to Dollison and Douglas by, among other things, DNA and fingerprints," the release states. "One of the guns had been stolen in Wasilla."

According to the release, an investigation uncovered Dollison and Douglas orchestrated the drug trafficking operation "to maximize the possibility that, if caught running the drugs to Fairbanks, their female companions would be prosecuted rather than them."

The release states Dollison tracked down one of the women after the stop, offering her money to claim the drugs found in the rental car's trunk were hers.

"This is Douglas’ third drug trafficking conviction and Dollison’s second," the release states. "The brothers were convicted of trafficking drugs together in 2009 and were released from federal custody in 2015, following retroactive sentencing reductions."

Dollison and Douglas were each sentenced to serve 15 years. Dollison was sentenced to another seven months for violating his conditions of release of an earlier drug trafficking offense.

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